Friday, January 04, 2008

Kickin' off the 8-ball!

Once again, the year has ticked over. The sport in which participants actually carry their bikes, through the mud no less, has moved back to the dark heart of Europe (where it belongs). Us road racers are now engaging in our true favorite pastime: waiting for a break in the goddamn rain so we can go out and ride for three hours. Coaches call this "base miles".

VeloNews has published their definitive list of domestic pro teams and their rosters.

Aaron Tuckerman is back at the bottom of the world and showing off his shiny new Jelly Belly kit.

The biggest surprise on the VeloNews list is the addition of Eugene's own Kevin Selker to the Toyota roster. Kevin won the State Champ RR in 2003, when he was barely old enough to vote, and has recently been tearing it up on the track at U of Colorado in Boulder. I hadn't seen too many road results out of him lately, but the Toyota boys must want to lock up some good young talent.

Omer Kem and Morgan Schmitt are still holding it down at Bissell. Aaron Olson has officially joined their party.

Chad Hartley and Evan Elken are reunited on the other bean team at Jittery Joe's.

And finally, Doug Ollerenshaw will have some stories to tell at the end of this season. An outspoken owner and some teammates with, shall we say, dubious records will keep his season very interesting. Let's hope for his sake the hype dies down and the Rock Racing crew is making the right kind of headlines when the rubber hits the road.

Stay Dry.

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Brian said...

good to have ya back. keep posting!