Friday, March 30, 2007

Blowin' in the Wind

Two up this weekend. Saturday sees Nick Skenzick and the Hutch's-OIC guys defend the course they've dominated for the past several years. You know the game, West-Eugene Technology Park: flat, windy, someone will lap the field, there will be a bunch of Eugene guys who only show on this course (and usually only on Tuesday nights). It's the Ice Breaker Crit. Who's gonna spoil Hutch's party?

Piece of Cake is also here already. Same as Saturday but longer, and windier. The Woodland, WA course seems a little less desolate than the old Halsey course, but not exactly exciting. We'll see how many of Washington's finest make this OBRA sanctioned race. Tour de Dung #3 (WSBA) is the same day. Donald(CMG/Alpine Mortgage) is gonna have those tri-spokes on looking for the win. Rob Campbell(Bob's has called his shot in the comments of my last post. It's got a decent payout for an OBRA race ($1000 fifteen deep). Bring it boys, bring it.

Piece of Cake it-list:
a Hutch's guy (Nick or Paul)
Steve Holland (Finnegan's Toys/Discover Chiropractic)
Zach Winter can go big in any race
Kenny Williams(First Rate Mortgage) - If he shows, this is a great course for him.

Big surprise in the Hagens-Berman camp. Solomon Woras is being beamed back to the mothership. Yep, he's moving back to Washington. It's too bad beacause Oregon isn't exactly overflowing with guys who ride as smart as they do fast, Sol was one of them. No word on the reason for the move. The Hagens-Berman guys will especially miss him, they haven't exactly packed the punch that they're known for. Losing Solomon spreads the Oregon squad pretty thin.

Kyle Valenta was added to the CMG/AlpineMortgage squad with little fanfare. He had some results this year, look no further than a close second to Jamie Strangeland(Wines of Washington) at last week's Independence valley RR. Any more team news out there?

Just a couple of crits on the NRC schedule this weekend, expect to see some fast guys out and about.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Border Clash!

It may have been an off weekend in Oregon, but the conveniently located Independence Valley RR provided a veritable who's who of NW racing. By all accounts, the course was beautiful and the weather terrible (sounds about right for Olympia!). A three-up breakaway dominated the day as perennial Washington fast guy Jamie Strangeland(Wines of Washington) took the win. The CMG/Alpine Mortgage guys were in attendance and new member Kyle Valenta took second (his name rings a bell and I know he rides track, otherwise ???, he used to ride for HUP United?????). Hagens-Berman's Richard McClung got third after flatting out of the breakaway.

Oooooooh!!! Snaaaap!
Rob Campbell(Bob's took the sprint for fifth over Donald Reeb(CMG/Alpine Mortgage) and Kenny Williams(First Rate Mortgage). Rob needed to win the sprint to show off the new Bob' kits that finally arrived.

Other riders in attendance:
-Russell Stevenson(Benaroya Research Institute), who's apparently back in Seattle
-Zach Winter(Zach Winter Factory Team), making like post-Genesis Phil Collins
-Dan-do a ton of-Harm(Rubicon), figured he'd be at Redlands
-Steve Holland(Finnegan's Toys/Discover Chiropractic), so Rich McClung doesn't feel too old
and a bunch of guys that race in Washington and are all special in their own way.

The race sounds like a very cool one and is just an hour north of Portland. I hope we see more races in this area, bringing together the Oregon and Washington guys is always good fun. (plug Piece of Cake RR, April 1, here.)

Sounds like Zach W had a pretty bad day. He seems content to be okay going it alone, but don't be surprised if he shows up in a new jersey soon (BRI?, Hutch's-OIC????, ??????????).

Mike Hone was there and took a ton of pictures, they're all up on Flickr, hope he doesn't mind that I'm using some here.

Erik Tonkin won the first MTB race of the year, surprising exactly nobody. There's a few roadies hiding out in that results list.

Redlands happened over the weekend, some NW names in the mix: Omer Kem & Morgan Schmitt(Priority Helath), Doug Ollerenshaw(HealthNet), Evan Elken(Jittery Joe's), the Hagens-Berman Elite team (which is mostly NW guys). 190 rider field (with time cuts strictly enforced, Toyota-United Pro's uber-fastguy Ivan Dominguez got time cut by :30 in the sprint points jersey!) Andy Bajadali gave Jelly Belly a huge win.

Get your sprint legs warmed up! The Icebreaker Crit. Hutch's-OIC will be there defending their turf. Who's gonna challenge?

The Final Four is turning out to be just as predictable as Milan-San Remo. Other riders (like Boonen and Pettachi) talk about Oscar Freire(Rabobank) with the sense of awe reserved for a guy named Armstrong. Cipollini says he has an "extra leg" in the sprint. Pettachi finished with a suck and a blow, being beaten Eric Zabel, his leadout man. Italians were nowhere to be seen.

The Ducks went down shooting. Good run, I bet they could have taken any team except Florida.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

An off weekend in OBRA-land

After a month of solid racing, we get to take a breather this weekend. There is the Independence Valley RR near Olympia for those of you that just can't get enough. You do have to have your USA Cycling to race in Washington this year (at least for 1/2's), but it's only $60 this year instead of like $130 last year (or was that UCI membership that was really expensive?). Maybe OBRA should start requiring the USAC membership, anyone know the major pros and cons (except the cost)? You're gonna need it for TST.

Word on the street is that Zach Winter is flying solo. It might be the best situation for him. Any teams been talking? I'll bet Russell Cree would love to have that set of legs in the Hagens-Berman camp, he's a stickler for attitude though. He could give Therapeutic Associates the bump they need to be a top team. Who wouldn't love to see him show up in a Hutch's-OIC kit, that would be rich.

Ooooooh, here's an Idea, Benaroya Research Institute. If Stevenson's still in Portland, they would make a great match. If Russell's racing career is on the wane, he could help Zach manage the megalomania and get some top results. They have very similar strengths on the bike and a bit of orneriness to boot. Man, I should be a Director Sportif.

Apparently Jacob Rathe(Beaverton Bicycle Club) is racing sparingly in the 3's as to not be forced to upgrade before he is ready. This is probably smart, he has a lot he can still accomplish as a junior.

Here's another kid that's tearin' up the 3's with junior gears. Jordan Campbell(Hagens-Berman) up in Washington. I think he's 15. Photo by Mike Hone.

Is Hagens-Berman going to end up with Jacob(BBC), Jordan(HB), Ian Bosworth(HB) and Carson Miller(Fred Meyer) on the same team (RC shaking head "yes"). There's a northwest based pro squad in the making.

Oh yeah, this is all speculation. Maybe it'll get some gears grinding. I should be a DS.

Nothing says springtime like grown Italian men crying like babies as they cross the line. Got a Milan-San Remo pick? I'll go with Davide Rebellin. He showed the form at Paris-Nice and can win classics. Bettini hit the deck three times last week (rainbow jerseys are VERY heavy). Pettachi seems to be coming on slowly and Boonen's not allowed to win because he's not Italian.

Time to get a few more endurance miles in and watch some basketball. USC beat Texas, WTF? Then Durant said he should have played harder, oh well Pac-10's lookin' strong. Can Georgetown take down Psycho-T (worst knickname of all time) and UNC in an old-school Elite-8 showdown?

Go Ducks!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

*****Trouble in Paradise*****

It seems the rumors of discontent in the CMG/Alpine Mortgage camp were true. One day after finally delivering a legit win, Zach Winter was cut from the team. It seems the two DQ's in the first three races may have ruffled some feathers, or maybe his big win took away from teammates who might themelves be looking for that big win. Check out Oregon Velo for more cool pics like this one.

Either way, Zach was the first rider across the line in the last two OBRA races. While his ability to ride like he does may shut down other parts of his brain, the strongest guy in the past two races was just kicked off of his team. WTF?

I'm sure there are plenty of teams that would love to have a rider of his caliber in their jersey, but Zach's all-or-nothing tendencies continue to make team life difficult.

It seems first and third in the last race and one-two in the overall would heal all wounds.

Anyone able to give Zach a new home. How about Hutch's-OIC?
That would be sweet.

If Zach's able to keep racing, watch out.
ZW vs. CMG 2k7.
For all the marbles.

Let's get it on!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Three's a Charm

Well, after all the hubbub of last week's results, Zach Winter(CMG/Alpine Mortgage) finally takes one fair and square. Zach thwarted the bunch sprint with an attack just before the dam and stayed away with Chris Hamilton(Casa-Bruno/Adidas) who didn't challenge the two-up sprint. My only question, where's the chase? Hutch's-OIC, Therapeutic associates, Team S+M and Bike Gallery all had quite a bit to gain from bringing those two back, but nobody stepped up.

With nobody taking control of il ultimo chilometro, Donald Reeb(CMG/Alpine Mortgage) easily took the bunch sprint. Nick Skenzick(Hutch's-OIC) had enough kick to come from 20th to 2nd(4th overall) in the final 50 meters. If he's got that much kick shouldn't you guys be helping him go from 5th to 1st? And maybe bring back the break so he has a chance at the win?

The fact that it was also Oregon Cup Race #1 might have confused the tactics also. Were we starting or finishing a series? So the points go top-20 for BB results and bottom-20 in reverse order for riders riding wheelies across the finish for Oregon Cup points, right? DQ's get double points just to keep 'em coming back.

The racing started early, as Donald Reeb (CMG/Alpine Mortgage), Doug Ollerenshaw (HealthNet), and Matt Braun (Team S+M) formed a break on the first lap and stayed away for about 50 of the 77 miles. Oregon Velo was there to get pics of the early going. The peloton chased some but it was fairly disorganized. Surprisingly enough, Hutch's-OIC did nothing to defend Paul Bourcier's point total gained after last week's win. While Donald's total might have been out of reach, slipping Paul into a winning break could have seen him take over 2nd, where Zach ended up. Especially given the fact that Seth Hosmer, CMG's preferable #2 and BB1 main man, was not racing (apparently he had to work.)

Unexpectedly, the break did come part around lap 6. Donald would probably tell you he cracked Doug so bad he was asking for his Mama and swearing he'd never race a bike in Oregon again. Doug would probably tell you that he makes his living riding in other bike races and doesn't care to explore the pain cave too deeply at an amateur weekend race series. Anyhoo, their 2.5 minute lead melted away completely as Donald was scooped up at the beginning of the penultimate lap.

The break demonstrating excellent number placement technique.

Bike Gallery had a good showing with Steve Wright leading the charge. Can you guys send me a rundown of who was there? There were a bunch, and you all rode strong.

Jacob Erker from Symmetrics Cycling of scenic British Columbia was in attendance and helping keep the tempo in the bunch up while Doug, Donald and Matt were off ding their thing. I was surprised that he and Tonkin(Team S+M) couldn't get a split for a chase group, no matter how hard they tried.

Steve Holland(Finnegan's Toys/Discover Chiropractic) looks to be coming around.

Mick Walsh(First Rate Mortgage) also stopped by to up the old guy ante? No Kenny though. What gives?

There was some rumblings of discontent in the CMG/Alpine Mortgage camp after the race. I do remember hearing Donald instruct his teammates to keep the race together just minutes before Zach made his final attack. There was also talk that Zach might have been aiding the chase when Doug and Matt returned to the group and Donald was off solo (which probably would have been a sound tactical decision). If these rumblings cause a wave, you will see it here first.

Oh yeah, Mikkel Bossen(CMG/Alpine Mortgage) got bit by the DQ bug for taking off his helmet.

Amber Murray was at the finish to award the most handsome-est rider and haul him back to the Castelli compound for a Saunier-Duval photo shoot. Who'd ya pick Amber?

Special thanks to Amber and ALL the volunteers that made the past threee weeks of racing go so smoothly. And thanks to Shane at Oregon Velo for the pics.

Here's the series points. Figure out where you could have been if you were in better shape.
1 1336 Reeb Donald CMG Racing/Alpine Mortgage 53
2 1337 Winter Zach CMG Racing 38
3 876 Bourcier Paul Hutch's-OIC 24
4 128 Braun Mathew Team S&M/SCR 20
5 101 Hosmer Seth CMG Racing/Alpine Mortgage 16
6 175 Zimbleman Dave 15
7 884 Hamilton chris 13
8 152 Valenta Kyle Hup United 12
9 107 Fischer Andrew Hagens Berman 11
10 149 Buchholz Brant Therapeutic Associates 11
11 166 Oliphant Duncan therapeutic associates 10
12 112 Oliphant David Therapeutic Associates 10
13 114 Skenick Nick Hutch's-OIC 8
14 872 Leonard John Casa Bruno 7
15 132 Ollerenshaw Doug Health Net/Maxxis 6

P.S. Is Russell Stevenson still in the house? He was living in Portland last year, anyone got the scoop?

Thursday, March 15, 2007

For all the Bananas

One more day at the lake!
The third installment of the Banana Belt should be, by far, the most exciting. After last week, Hutch's-OIC really has something to race for, some savvy racing by them could put Paul Bourcier at or near the top of the points list. As Donald Reeb is the current points leader, I'm sure the CMG/Alpine Mortgage guys are eager to get one in their column after last week.
Hutch's-OIC has had a pretty low profile up until last Sunday.

If nothing else, Paul's "win" makes this Sunday MUCH more interesting.

What is Zach's role on CMG/Alpine Mortgage after the first three races. 2 DQ's. 2 hot spot sprint wins negated because he was wearing his vest (at BB1). He's got the fitness, but will he have the support? Now that's a pig in a poke.

I imagine some pro's will be out and ready to start going fast. This is an off weekend (except for a time trial?) on the NRC calendar. Redlands is next week. Doug Ollerenshaw (HealthNet) and Evan Elken (Jittery Joe's) will really be ready to rip. Are you guys bringing any friends?

I heard a "cha-ching" somewhere in the distance. Word is Kenny Williams (First Rate Mortgage) might be down here looking to clean up some sprints. Anybody remember the last OBRA pro/1/2 race to be decided in a bunch finish? It's been awhile.

If Kenny shows does that mean Rob Campbell and co.(Bob's will follow?

Will the Hagens-Berman guys be able to put something together? They're practically pro, right?

The Therapeutic Associates guys have seen the top-10 a couple times, will this be the weekend they race for the win?

Does Zach (CMG/Alpine Mortgage) just go batshit crazy trying to make up for last week?

Hutch's-OIC is going to be all-for-Paul, do they have what it takes?

Will Team S+M/SCR get a break. Talk about inopportune flats. Matt Braun flatted out of the winning break just as Tonkin caught back on to the main group after his blowout.

Predictions, if Evan (Jittery Joe's) shows, he wins. He seems to have more of the killer instinct in the OBRA races than Doug (HealthNet), and can sprint better. Donald (CMG/Alpine Mortgage) would love to seal the deal, and I'm sure Seth will be in there, too. Good weather means a huge field and riders from all over the region.

On another note, I off-handedly mentioned that I was trying to be objective in these reports. Really, I'm trying to be entertaining, objectivity is pretty far down on the list. Actually, it wasn't even on it.
But I added it.
In pencil.
Most of what I write is based on e-mails (which can be sent through the link to your right) and the comments on the site (some of them). And, most of all, what I see and hear at the race. If you think your self/team/friend/dog/sister has been misrepresented, drop me an e-mail. I would love to help clear it up.

The real story of the weekend is the NCAA tournament kickoff. Final Fours anyone?
I've got Florida(safe), UCLA(eehhh?), Texas(trendy), and Ohio State(Greg Oden's really a 35 year-old who's been playing prison ball for the past 15 years.).

I hope you're all out there riding slower than me.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

2 Takes

So I heard from a couple different people regarding the 1/2 finish, hopefully this does their versions of the story justice.

Zach's(CMG/Alpine Mortgage) take: He started the race with one bottle, assuming a feed would be available. After he took the last hot spot by a healthy margin, Zach sat up and asked the officials if he could take a feed. They told him he could so he just asked if anyone had a bottle he could borrow. A nice lady watching at the finish ran up and handed him a bottle from the left side of the road. He didn't know her, she did it on her own volition, it wasn't a teammate or planned deal, she was just being nice to this guy who had been off the front for half a race and needed a drink.

OBRA Official's take: Basically that 1/2's should know better under the circumstances and that there was a chance to make an example. Paul(Hutch's-OIC) was apparently "livid" crossing the line saying that the feed was one of many violations committed by Zach throughout the race.

I did get the impression that Zach might have a bit of a target on his back regarding this sort of behavior.

The break: It sounds like the break went like any other break in a bike race. Paul and Zimbleman(Z Team) needed Zach just as much as he needed them. I'm guessing they gave him the sprints because there was no use contesting them, why go for them when chances are that Zach will win them either way, might as well save it for the end.

The break must have worked okay together for the most part because it was not ideal for any team. CMG/Alpine Mortgage probably would have rather had at least two guys in the break(Donald was active in forming a chase group but couldn't get the split), the Team S+M/SCR guys were putting up quite a fight, despite their bad luck with flats. They stayed away for three laps, I'm guessing they worked together pretty well.

As for the last lap, well duh, they were all trying to win. Zach probably saved it up for a bit and then gave it a go. If the other two guys could have hung they would have. I'm guessing they weren't shocked when he attacked.

I hope all this doesn't sound like I'm coming down on the OBRA officials. I'm just trying to objectively look at what happened in a dramatic race (let's face it, any break involving Zach and Paul is going to have some entertainment value). I just hope they apply the rules consistently throughout the year when similar situations arise. All OBRA officials and volunteers deserve a big thanks and a ton of credit.

As for comments, I am only sort of surprised that people will go through the whole registration process just to leave one obscene sentence on my goofy little blog. I'm not going to moderate them because it puts me in a place where I have to justify why I leave some comments up while erasing others. There's been more than a few comments that I don't think are appropriate, but I don't know if there's a solution. I think comments are what make blogs interesting, obviously there's a downside.

Monday, March 12, 2007

The Bananas have gone bad.

Sunday the 11th of March the most talented rider in Oregon to never win a race took to the start of Banana Belt #2. With race fees paid in full and numbers clearly visible at all times, he rode a strong race making sensible attacks, riding cooperatively in the break and attacking on the last lap. When a group of three formed the winning break, Zach Winter(CMG/Alpine Mortgage) kicked into that extra gear of his and signed, sealed and delivered a great win.

Apparently he took a feed from his left side. Paul Bourcier(Hutch's-OIC), who finished a distant but respectable second, filed the complaint and the race official put Zach in the all-too-familiar DQ column.

Sounds like sour grapes to me. Zach and Paul's bad blood goes waaayyyyyyy back. We could probably bring up incidents from Eugene tuesday-nighters three or four years ago, I'll let you guys dig up that history. But Zach was clearly the strongest rider in the break. I can't imagine that feed was the be-all, end-all deciding factor in the race. Zach has obviously had problems crossing the t's and dotting the i's when it comes to race rules, but an illegal feed warrants a warning, maybe a relegation. When you finish solo, where do you get relegated to?

With conditions being what they were on Sunday (warm, not raining hard but definitely wet), we start with all manner of jackets, vests, gloves, glasses etc. that come on or off throughout the race. I've seen officials cars come up both the left and right sides to pass bottles and collect clothes. Clothes and feeds are also often passed between roadside spectators and us riders. None of this is ever reported, it's part of racing in iffy conditions. I don't see how this is any different than tossing off a jacket on the wrong side of the road.

Warn him and give him his win. He earned it.

The Cat. 3's are now being dominated by kids that can't even vote. That's pretty sweet. I'm gonna be working on an article about the very brght future of Oregon cycling. Stay tuned. Hit up the link to Gary's site for Cat.3 race reports.

I'll have a better write-up on all this soon.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Banana Belt #2

A bunch of the fast guys will be at the Central Valley Classic this week. Without Doug and Andy Fischer, it appears that the table may be tilting even more inCMG/Alpine Mortgage's direction. Who's gonna step up and knock 'em off?

I thought it would be about the wettest race ever but it looks like the storm is, luckily, just hitting Washington. Maybe that'll drive some Mason Lakers down south for some sun, or at least some overcast intermittent showers. Bring the rain cape, leave the canoe in Washington.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Just had to throw this one up from Shane over at Oregon Velo .

Anyone got the inside scoop on the Cat 3 race "controversy"? I'm guessing it has to do Per Bessje's DQ.

I found a Rubicon rider! Kirk's in California getting fast, he was at the Merco Classic (formerly the McLane-Pacific). 65th.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Chasing Seth around a lake: Banana Belt 1

I may have mentioned previously that Seth Hosmer of CMG/Alpine Mortgage has been riding a bicycle fairly quickly, this trend continued Sunday, March 4, at Banana Belt numero uno. It did not appear that any riders in the 1/2 field possessed the wherewithall to compete with the illustrious Mr. Hosmer. Doug O. might be at that level, but appeared to be riding well within his limits as, alas, he may have bigger fish to fry. I suggest that as a 1/2 field we all pitch in to pay for Mr. Hosmer's airfare to next weekend's Central Valley Classic where his competition will be paid to suffer like dogs as they chase him around. It may be the only hope we have.

It's just all CMG this week, they also rolled out brand new kits. Less Candyland, more Green Lantern. Works for me.

Anyhoo, the race to end all early season Oregon races went down as expected with unexpectedly decent weather to boot. The good ol' 1/2 field split up early, I guess the front group of about 15 got off near the beginning of the second lap. CMG/Alpine Mortgage had like 6 guys in the break, Hagens-Berman managed four by the time Solomon bridged up, the rest looked to be freelancers.

The 1/2's were on their best behavior. I saw one minor, and totally accidental, scrape. Otherwise, I don't think I've ever been around a group of such well behaved Cat. 1/2's. Maybe we've lost our edge.

Most of the action out of the break was provided by Mr. Zach Winter(CMG/Alpine Mortgage) who appeared hell-bent on finding a couple of hardy souls to breakaway from the large-ish front group. While the writing is clearly on the wall regarding Mr. Hosmer's fitness, Zach seems to be just as determined (if not just as fit, yet) to put a notch in his own belt. Seth finally flew the coop towards the end of the 4th lap, Hagens-Berman wasn't able to mount a particularly inspired chase and the solo artists didn't seem to be to interested in the idea of pulling around the rest of the CMG squad so Donald could take the bunch sprint. And there it was, Seth Hosmer solo, and it might not be the last time. Donald baaaarrrrrely outkicked Andy Fischer(Hagens-Berman) for 2nd, then Brant Bucholz(Therapeutic Associates), and Zach. 3 out of 5 ain't bad. Candi Murray sent me the sweet finish line shots (Check out Donald giving Andy the business as he gets it by 1/2 a wheel).

I think Zach also took tops in both of the hot spots. He may be in the driver's seat for the whole Banana, if you know what I mean.

In the main pack Nick Skenzick took the bunch sprint, which may foreshadow Hutch's-OIC strategy if one of these things manages to stay together until the end. Nick usually ends up pretty fit by summer crit season, but perhaps he has found new legs for the spring campaign. He beat out some fairly fast finishers in Aaron Sander (Half Fast), and Steve Holland (Finnegan's Toys-Discover Chiropractic) in what was actually a pretty hot sprint for 13th.

Mr. Steve Holland also appeared atop a shiny new carbon fiber Felt bicycle. Whatever you do Steve, you cannot get rid of the red and yellow Cannondale. That thing is legendary. I'm sure someone, somewhere can incorporate it into some sort of monument. That thing's living history, man.

Speaking of bikes, Matt Braun's(Team S&M/SCR) been rolling around on a FULL CARBON KONA ROAD FRAME!!! And it looks sharp.

Carl Hoefer showed up in Non-Rubicon threads, yet still has Team Rubicon listed as his home. Is there a shake-up in the works? Speaking of our fair lads in orange, where are the guys? The kiwis probably won't roll in for another few weeks but what about the others? Dean? Kirk? Anyone? Is Dan Harm ever going to show up in Oregon? I bet he could hang with Hosmer.

I saw a bit of Jacob Rathe's (Beaverton Bicycle Club) race. That kid is a killer. He has got a bright future ahead of him. Check out his last year results here. Now add a big pile of National Championships, add in that he's like 16, and then watch him on a bike. It's impressive. I want to see what he can do to a Cat. 3 field (or does he race 1/2 when he gets his driver's license). Here he is crossing the line like he's done it before.

Speaking of guys that were really fast when they were 16, (former) northwest resident Tyler Farrar top-10'd Kuurne-Bruxells-Kuurne. That's spitting distance of a guy named Boonen.

Thanks so much to Candi for the pics, and Candi and all the other volunteers who made for a great day at the lake.

Friday, March 02, 2007

No smack.

If you guys are like me, it's no fun to talk smack when you've barely ridden for the past 2 weeks. It's all about being "rested" for the race, right? At least the couch, I mean trainer, got a workout.

New topic: Who's caught hypothermia in the past two weeks?