Friday, March 30, 2007

Blowin' in the Wind

Two up this weekend. Saturday sees Nick Skenzick and the Hutch's-OIC guys defend the course they've dominated for the past several years. You know the game, West-Eugene Technology Park: flat, windy, someone will lap the field, there will be a bunch of Eugene guys who only show on this course (and usually only on Tuesday nights). It's the Ice Breaker Crit. Who's gonna spoil Hutch's party?

Piece of Cake is also here already. Same as Saturday but longer, and windier. The Woodland, WA course seems a little less desolate than the old Halsey course, but not exactly exciting. We'll see how many of Washington's finest make this OBRA sanctioned race. Tour de Dung #3 (WSBA) is the same day. Donald(CMG/Alpine Mortgage) is gonna have those tri-spokes on looking for the win. Rob Campbell(Bob's has called his shot in the comments of my last post. It's got a decent payout for an OBRA race ($1000 fifteen deep). Bring it boys, bring it.

Piece of Cake it-list:
a Hutch's guy (Nick or Paul)
Steve Holland (Finnegan's Toys/Discover Chiropractic)
Zach Winter can go big in any race
Kenny Williams(First Rate Mortgage) - If he shows, this is a great course for him.

Big surprise in the Hagens-Berman camp. Solomon Woras is being beamed back to the mothership. Yep, he's moving back to Washington. It's too bad beacause Oregon isn't exactly overflowing with guys who ride as smart as they do fast, Sol was one of them. No word on the reason for the move. The Hagens-Berman guys will especially miss him, they haven't exactly packed the punch that they're known for. Losing Solomon spreads the Oregon squad pretty thin.

Kyle Valenta was added to the CMG/AlpineMortgage squad with little fanfare. He had some results this year, look no further than a close second to Jamie Strangeland(Wines of Washington) at last week's Independence valley RR. Any more team news out there?

Just a couple of crits on the NRC schedule this weekend, expect to see some fast guys out and about.

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Andrew F Martin said...

I ran into Kenny last night and he will be at Piece O'Cake. Pray for sun!