Sunday, April 01, 2007

The Kiwis have landed.

So I show up for the Icebreaker Crit and there's like a whole team of Rubicon guys millin' about. Well, they're here: Dan Harm, the Kiwis (Tuckerman, Richard, some newer faces), Kirk Carlson. They're also smokin' fit. Basically, the race started out with a bunch of the usual Oregon guys (Hutch's-OIC, Hagens-Berman, Therapeutic Associates, CMG) dickin' around trying to sort out a break. Well the Rubicon guys took the opportunity to counter some of the half-hearted attacks and ended up with a couple guys up the road. Then they put in some strong attacks on the (very windy) backside of the course. They ended up with a four-up all Rubicon breakaway and smoked it. Game over.

Back in the pack there was some disorganized chasing and some not-so-passive blocking on the part of Richard(Rubicon).
Words were exchanged.
With about 8 laps to go Richard was looking at butts or something and totally crossed wheels with a teammate (I think Harm) and hit the deck. Steven Beardsley(CMG/Alpine Mortgage) ran him over and also wrecked. It didn't really affect(or would it be effect) the race, but it was probably the most entertaining part.

The Rubicon guys were (mostly) on the new Orbeas, which are freaky-deaky Jetsons looking.

Cue up PoC.
Well, this is an interesting race. Totally flat, windy, decent weather and an interesting field from both Oregon and Washington. Top that all off with what is probably the best payout of any OBRA race (if you have a better one, send me a heads up, we'll all totally be there).

CMG/Alpine Mortgage, Therapeutic Associates, First Rate Mortgage, Hagens-Berman, Rubicon ,Team S+M etc. etc. were all represented as well as Doug Ollerenshaw(HealthNet) and Evan Elken(Jittery Joe's). Zach Winter was conspicious in his abscence (though it's not really his course).

Racing was a bit of a clusterf-ck as the winds played havoc with breakaways. Nobody seemed too committed to battling that long straight stretch into the wind (except Evan, who was working it all day long). Finally, on the third lap a group of Doug(Healthnet), Aaron Tuckerman(Rubicon), and a guy from First Rate Mortgage (whose name I can't remember, but will add as soon as results get posted). And they were off. It was a big-ish payday and Doug seemed a bit more committted to it than he was at races like Banana Belt.

A good size chase ensued but never really got a full head of steam. CMG had everyone on the front, Bike Gallery was there, Joe from Hagens-Berman was there when he wasn't back in the pack running his mouth about getting other teams on the front. Evan played coach and kept it all tight, as well as doing a couple guys worth of work.

Anyways, Doug took the win. The First Rate guy was second, and Aaron dropped off somwhere near the finish and got third. The sprint was a big-balls contest to see who could go into the final corner the hottest. Evan has the biggest balls and easily took the bunch sprint. Kenny "CR" Williams(First Rate Mortgage) was hot on his heels for fifth.

Inside 3k Kirk(Rubicon) got the DQ for centerline. It did get a little dicey (duh, it's a bunch sprint), but everyone stayed upright.

So, fear the Rubicon they are wicked-fast. And get ready for the next big decision in the Northwest cycling world: King's Valley or TST? They are probably my two favorite races on the calendar (at least single-days), can't you guys keep them at least a day apart?

Nobody goes to Sea Otter anymore, right? Since it switched from a stage race to 2hrs. of NASCAR on bikes.

Carl Hoefer used to ride for Rubicon (like a couple weeks ago), but has found a new home at Therapeutic Associates.

Anyhoo, you've got two weeks until the year's best racing weekend, get fast.

Oh yeah, send me pictures from the races. And anything else you shouldn't tell people but totally want to.


Guitar_Hero said...

The Kiwis have landed-along with a cheese head-Matt Brandt-from Wisconsin (3rd in Ice Breaker, 6th in POC). Rumor has it-his training partner is Chad Hartley ?!? Wonder what NG has up her sleeve? Whatever it is-seems to be working.
Oh, by the way Donald-I think Matt Got You :) Rock on Rubicon!!

tacky said...

still can't believe that follow car coming to the front with 2k to go..... simply ridiculous. and some dude named ryan did go down, very hard, as a result.

dirtycouve said...

I guess one can still get the stupid look from Donald even if a 19 year old pips him on the line. If I had my whole team on the front for me to win the sprint, I would be a little more humble if I could only pull off 4th in the sprint.

camrob said...

I'll go ahead and slam myself...11th on the day, 8th in the sprint. I got too sketched out in that bunch. I was aticipating some more speed from the group and/or some flyers in the last 3K to string it out, etc. My break attempts obviously didn't pan out either. CMG was all over, and then lost their grip...If only they'd had a guy in the break I got in. That's racing solo for you...gotta get some luck.

Omer Kem said...

Rob-where is Archibald. Tell that slacker he had better start racing if he wants to survive Tour de Nez this year....

dirtycouve said...

TST vs Kings Valley? I think TST is the better race. Maybe it's because Canada sometimes sends their finest? maybe because it snows some times? maybe because it's just a hard race? For some unknown reason it is a seems to be a more prestigious event that only a tough man or woman can win. Don't want to take anything away from king's valley though but I just like TST better.

camrob said...

Omer: Denk is in the house. Team will be at Tour de Nez. I won't, since it is mid-week, and not designed for teachers that bike race. :(

jza: run a poll, TST vs. Kings Valley. Stipulation, you've got to have done both races before. Although I wouldn't be able to vote, TST has one of the toughest selections in the NW on the Old Dewatto climb.

G$ said...

I though it was a great move when CMG sent a single rider up the road on the last lap after they knew they were not going to bring the break back. Unfortunately the rider did not have what it took to make it. Smart thinking on CMG's part though.

Omer Kem said...

I have never done TST and the one time I tried to do Kings Valley, I got crashed out on the first lap. I have done Sea Otter the last 3 years and have seen it change from a pretty cool stage race to a piece of crap race that makes you ride 40 times up that stupid hill. I say vote for TST....