Tuesday, March 20, 2007

*****Trouble in Paradise*****

It seems the rumors of discontent in the CMG/Alpine Mortgage camp were true. One day after finally delivering a legit win, Zach Winter was cut from the team. It seems the two DQ's in the first three races may have ruffled some feathers, or maybe his big win took away from teammates who might themelves be looking for that big win. Check out Oregon Velo for more cool pics like this one.

Either way, Zach was the first rider across the line in the last two OBRA races. While his ability to ride like he does may shut down other parts of his brain, the strongest guy in the past two races was just kicked off of his team. WTF?

I'm sure there are plenty of teams that would love to have a rider of his caliber in their jersey, but Zach's all-or-nothing tendencies continue to make team life difficult.

It seems first and third in the last race and one-two in the overall would heal all wounds.

Anyone able to give Zach a new home. How about Hutch's-OIC?
That would be sweet.

If Zach's able to keep racing, watch out.
ZW vs. CMG 2k7.
For all the marbles.

Let's get it on!


Rube said...

Wow. I thought those guys would at least make it through the spring before they fell apart. They really are exceeding all expectations.

Gary said...

zOMG!1!! - Episode two is soooo awesome. Is there a fan club I can join? I'll get the popcorn if someone brings red vines.


CDB said...

Hahaha, Gary. Too bad for some, maybe good news for others. Oh the politics of amateur racing. Is this the drama that OBRA has been missing all this time? Is there any way we could make this blog into a tabloid, printed on newsprint? That would be sweet. It's just like a miniature version of T-Mobile tour tactics, or even a little bit of Vandenbrouke. I'm so excited! I'm going to sign up for the fan club too!!!!!

John M said...

Heh keep up the good race reporting. It's always interesting to read what went down in the race, who attacked when, how the chase was going, etc. Back in the 80's i use to read Velonews front to back because they were really good at doing this. (before video coverage in the states...) You are scratching the surface of good race reporting and it reminded me of that. Once we start learning the characters, it is definitely how fans are made, and it makes for interesting read, and people start realizing that good road races are by far the most interesting bicycle races. Work on getting the race report as accurate as possible, then add some gossip, but keep writing. Good job in my humble opinion. John

TJMax said...

WOW, that is a shocker!! I wonder who was behind CMG's decision to "cut" Zach? This reeks of Reeb if you ask me.

Zach's no angel, but at least when he wins, he doesn't stick his tongue out, or turn around and taunt the field. Is there a bigger jacka$$ in the Oregon peleton, then Reeb? Doubt it!

I can't wait to watch Zach and Reeb battle it out at the next race!!!

Unfortunately for Zach, I just don't see another team taking a chance on him. He is like the Terrel Owens of OBRA!

ian said...

I know! ZW can ride with the other green team and race with DK! It'll be peace, love, and harmony on two wheels from two of OBRA's best loved characters!

What's that? Oh, never mind then.

CDB said...

Just something to talk about...

Is it really necessary to have a team of riders around one individual to win a local Oregon race? I didn't get the impression that it was. Is Zach really at any disadvantage not having team mates? Anyone know how often our pro/1/2 races have been won due to team tactics vs. sheer strength and race savvy of one individual rider? Is there really that much depth of equally strong racers such that team politics determine who wins, not just "who is strongest" ? Are there that many riders (almost able to win) who are willing to give away a top 5 finish so that their team mate could win? Is the "prize money" awarded to the winner actually ever shared with the team mates who helped out?

(I like to ask questions, it appears)

racemom said...

I think that some racers are using Oregon as a stepping stone to bigger races. I do believe the 1/2 Cat is the place to learn and practice team tactics.

I have personally seen many different winners share their winnings with teammates and even with non teammates who helped them win. When I first saw this I thought the winner was paying the racer to help him but found out they were sharing the winnings.

From my observations the group will generally defeat the individual. Teams are necessary against groups if you want to win.