Saturday, March 10, 2007

Banana Belt #2

A bunch of the fast guys will be at the Central Valley Classic this week. Without Doug and Andy Fischer, it appears that the table may be tilting even more inCMG/Alpine Mortgage's direction. Who's gonna step up and knock 'em off?

I thought it would be about the wettest race ever but it looks like the storm is, luckily, just hitting Washington. Maybe that'll drive some Mason Lakers down south for some sun, or at least some overcast intermittent showers. Bring the rain cape, leave the canoe in Washington.


Russell said...

Evan is at CVC too, as is the Rubicon family. Should be a good weekend for BIG D to take it.

Argentius said...

Mason lake 2 was won by a crew-racing team in the lake, beating out all of the bicycles which didn't work whilst submerged.