Thursday, March 15, 2007

For all the Bananas

One more day at the lake!
The third installment of the Banana Belt should be, by far, the most exciting. After last week, Hutch's-OIC really has something to race for, some savvy racing by them could put Paul Bourcier at or near the top of the points list. As Donald Reeb is the current points leader, I'm sure the CMG/Alpine Mortgage guys are eager to get one in their column after last week.
Hutch's-OIC has had a pretty low profile up until last Sunday.

If nothing else, Paul's "win" makes this Sunday MUCH more interesting.

What is Zach's role on CMG/Alpine Mortgage after the first three races. 2 DQ's. 2 hot spot sprint wins negated because he was wearing his vest (at BB1). He's got the fitness, but will he have the support? Now that's a pig in a poke.

I imagine some pro's will be out and ready to start going fast. This is an off weekend (except for a time trial?) on the NRC calendar. Redlands is next week. Doug Ollerenshaw (HealthNet) and Evan Elken (Jittery Joe's) will really be ready to rip. Are you guys bringing any friends?

I heard a "cha-ching" somewhere in the distance. Word is Kenny Williams (First Rate Mortgage) might be down here looking to clean up some sprints. Anybody remember the last OBRA pro/1/2 race to be decided in a bunch finish? It's been awhile.

If Kenny shows does that mean Rob Campbell and co.(Bob's will follow?

Will the Hagens-Berman guys be able to put something together? They're practically pro, right?

The Therapeutic Associates guys have seen the top-10 a couple times, will this be the weekend they race for the win?

Does Zach (CMG/Alpine Mortgage) just go batshit crazy trying to make up for last week?

Hutch's-OIC is going to be all-for-Paul, do they have what it takes?

Will Team S+M/SCR get a break. Talk about inopportune flats. Matt Braun flatted out of the winning break just as Tonkin caught back on to the main group after his blowout.

Predictions, if Evan (Jittery Joe's) shows, he wins. He seems to have more of the killer instinct in the OBRA races than Doug (HealthNet), and can sprint better. Donald (CMG/Alpine Mortgage) would love to seal the deal, and I'm sure Seth will be in there, too. Good weather means a huge field and riders from all over the region.

On another note, I off-handedly mentioned that I was trying to be objective in these reports. Really, I'm trying to be entertaining, objectivity is pretty far down on the list. Actually, it wasn't even on it.
But I added it.
In pencil.
Most of what I write is based on e-mails (which can be sent through the link to your right) and the comments on the site (some of them). And, most of all, what I see and hear at the race. If you think your self/team/friend/dog/sister has been misrepresented, drop me an e-mail. I would love to help clear it up.

The real story of the weekend is the NCAA tournament kickoff. Final Fours anyone?
I've got Florida(safe), UCLA(eehhh?), Texas(trendy), and Ohio State(Greg Oden's really a 35 year-old who's been playing prison ball for the past 15 years.).

I hope you're all out there riding slower than me.


Old as dirt said...

And the Big question, will there be Prizes for banana belt this year??
Or will out of state riders be "hosed" again, like last year? "Go pick up your prize at some bike shop in Portland"

Hello....not everyone lives in Portland!!

Omer Kem said...

this blog is great. the more smack talking the better. i haven't been in oregon since december 1st and have been wondering what has been going on in the race scene....

on the zach winter issue. this strikes me as incredibly funny. i have had good and bad run in's with zach over the years and i personally would call him a friend at this point. i don't really understand why paul would think that it was such a big deal that he got a random bottle because he didn't have anything else to drink. i get paid to get bottles and understand that drinking is important!! i remember last year at the eugene celebration stage race. i was by myself for most of the race and would have never survived if the officials hadn't given me water. of course it helped that i had drank about 80oz's of beer the night before, but that is enturely besides the point. in end, this is just bike racing and everyone should relax....

P-Dog said...

Paul's bitching cause Paul is Paul. And the great thing about racing is that everyone in field has a completely different version the race than everyone else. I think the essence of racing is that it is subjective.

P-Dog said...

oh and Omer, you still owe me for that beer.

Omer Kem said...

no way about the beer. i think that it was happy hour and the beer's were cheap anyways. plus, you said it was the greatest day of your life when i dropped tubbs in that road race....