Thursday, October 16, 2008

Russell Stevenson Rides Again!

Noticed this on the Cyclingnews ticker a few days ago. Russell Stevenson, last of Benaroya Research Inst. is once again dipping his toes in the water of pro road racing. This time with Inferno Racing, who show mostly at crits on the the east coast. The pro/am Inferno is apparently going full pro next year as Kenda Pro Cycling.

Russell's covered a lot of ground in the past 5 years going from HealthNet in 2003 to founding the BRI team in Seattle as well as moonlighting as Shimano's NW sales rep. I assumed he was done for, it seems lately he only rides crits and 'cross, apparently he's got some road races left in those legs.

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Russell Stevenson said...

yes, it's me! Still at it! Kenda is a Pro Team this year and has been competing around the country. I've had the chance to race some of the largest races like Philly! (A race I've really wanted to return to since 2002). Last Sunday I took 2nd at the Test of Metal in Squamish BC behind winner Max Plaxton (Sho-Air). That's hard to beat! I can honestly say the form is getting near the days of old. Stoked for that! Racing at this level doesn't last forever so I figure DO IT while I can. Plenty of time for the rest of life later.