Friday, March 13, 2009

A little update.........

This is impressive. It has been a very good spring for formerly NW-based riders in the funny kits.

And for those who need to see to believe....

That is fast.

Due to the fact that I spend about 60 hours a week on a bike or surrounded by bike stuff, the motivation to talk (or write) about it is low. But I'm sure the bug will be back.

Some quick notes:
- The Piece of Cake guys at Presto Velo know how to promote a race. The field will be huge, and the racing will be full tilt. All other promoters take note.

- Sander's win at BB#1 was much deserved. Opportunistic bridge, teammate in a break, timely attack, that's how you do it. He's always strong and always close, good to see him get one.

- We're probably all happy that BB's 2 and 3 got pushed back a week, but could the cancellation of the original BB2 been handled in a worse way? Three days straight of emails saying from the promoter saying the race will be run under any circumstances including snow, and then canceling due to snow. Now honestly, I didn't think for a minute that OBRA officials would let a race be run with snow on the road, so why in the hell would anyone try and make it sound like it would? Makes me glad I don't drive from Bend.

- The riders at the head of the field of BB1 was so same ol' same ol'. Will somebody please have the wherewithal to mix things up a bit? Let's see some attacks, maybe let a break run, maybe launch a teammate. Something. PLEASE. I'll help. I promise.

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