Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Dress Rehearsal

Rehearsal RR was last Sunday. Seth Hosmer(CMG/Alpine Mortgage) notched his belt yet again, taking the win after besting Doug Ollerenshaw(HealthNet/Maxxis) in a two up sprint that was all arms and legs. I wish someone had a video of the two lankiest guys out there winding it up at 200m. If Trebon and Wicks come back, we could have an all tall guy sprint off. It would be the bike equivalent of midget wrestling. Did somebody say pay-per-view???

The State RR course is a good tactical course. The climbs could break it up, but they both have pretty fast descents that make it hard to get a gap. The Briggs Hill section is one of the more scenic sections you'll see in OBRA racing.

Doug then took PIR tonight. So, apparently, his sprinting legs just needed a warm-up.

Tabor is Wednesday and could be a stacked field. A few pro type guys are kicking around town, Tour de Nez in Reno is the only NRC action this weekend.

Tour contenders are warming it up at the Duphiné Liberé (did I get the accents in the right places?) I'll start to get a list together of places (coffee shops, bike shops, bars etc.) that show Le Tour, seeing how it's the only bike race that really gets any live coverage over here, I try and make it out to watch a few days. Send me your fave place to watch, hopefully I can get together enough places that nobody has to go too far before they've had their coffee.


Peter said...

Both St. Honore Bakeries will be showing it live... (NW Thurman, and the new one in Lake Oswego.) I think most people know about this, but they may not be aware of the new location in L.O.

Fred said...

Has this blog died? Why not discuss that Tuckerman has taken over these parts of the NW...and pulling along Carlsen w/ him. Whatever happened to Washington...don't think we've seem hide nor hair of anybody from the North in quite some time. How about on the local scene...the weeknight fighting for points at PIR and Mt. Tabor...What about a shout out for Carlsen's win at Tabor. Ollerenshaws attempt to remake himself into a sprinter at PIR. What's happened to CMG and Reeb? Just a bad weekend at Elkhorn or what? Looks like the recently promoted Jr's are good as advertised and though not winning yet will certainly be the "men" round here in a year or two. How about a prognostication for this weekends OR district RR...barring local pro's here's the quick pick for podium...Tuckerman, Carlsen, Hosmer. Dark horses...Sander, Roger Steven's, and Molly Cameron are all on the rise. Jr's Rathe and Boswell could surprise.

Speak or shut it down.