Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Back from the dead.

So, I ran out of steam for a little while there. racing 2-5 days a week, working full-time and trying to get a little rest became a bit much. But I'm back up on it and can hopefully get in some good rest before I get to go get dragged around the desert by a bunch of uber-pro's at Cascade. I've got a bunch of reports to roll out, I'll basically spread it out over the week before I go to Bend. So hang in there and I'll bust out some thoughts on Tabor, Elkhorn, PIR, and any other big ol' races that locals happen to find themselves at.

What should be freshest in our minds is the epic display of firepower at the OBRA RR last weekend in Eugene. The guest list included(but was by no means limited to): Aaron Olson(T-Mobile) fresh off the Giro and back home for some vay-k, Doug O(HealthNet/Maxxis), Evan Elken (Jittery Joe's), US national CX Champ Ryan Trebon, and his brother in height Barry Wicks riding incognito for Sellwood Cycles, Andy Fischer(Hagens-Berman)who's been MIA for most of this OBRA stuff, Aaron Tuckerman(Rubicon)who hasn't been having too bad of luck lately, and assorted and sundry OBRA regulars.

I'm sure most everyone was excited to spend a beautiful summer day rolling around Eugene wine country with best riders Oregon has to offer. Until like two miles in when stuff got crazy.

I think Tuckerman attacked first, with Erik Tonkin(Sellwood)and Mike Zimbleman(Z Team) in tow. Elken quickly bridged up and us amateurs were quickly in a world of hurt. As the pack hit Briggs Hill, shit got even crazier. Ollerenshaw and Trebon hit out to the leaders near the beginning of the climb and bridged the gap. In one of the most impressive displays of riding I've seen in Oregon, Aaron Olsen hit out and big ringed the entire climb like a psychotic eagle dive bombing out of the gates of Hades, and the breakaway looked set. Quinn Keough(CMG/Alpine Mortgage) and Chris Hamilton(Casa Bruno) were there to stick us for us amateurs.

Some fairly serious chase groups gave it a shot, but legs seemed to be weary from Elkhorn as Donald Reeb(CMG), Mark Blasckwelder(Gentle Lovers), and Molly Cameron(Veloshop) didn't stand much of a chance of gaining time on the lead group.

Molly is fresh off 5th overall at the Tour of Ohio. From the looks of it, a very cool race including the lower level pro squads and top end amateurs.
Check it out.

Now the big question was "who's the biggest of the big dogs?" Well, Tuckerman finally found a group he couldn't hang with and rocked a DNF. He may have been a bit winded from winning Elkhorn. Trebon showed some impressive attacks and proved that he can do it for more than 90 minutes.

But the finish came down to some good old friends Ryan, Evan, and Doug sprinted it out with Evan taking the win. I'm not exactly sure how they got rid of Aaron. Doug even updated his blog about it.

Word is AO may have been playing patron of the peoloton and dropping a Eugene rider who may or may not be known for his unsavory tatics from the front break. Maybe.


anklebiter said...

AO was playing patron of the peoloton which Tuckerman was a victim of along with a few other riders. AO also mentioned that he was riding for Barry after the race. Note, Chis Hamilton was allowed to stay sporting a Sellwood Cycles jersey up until the last climb.

Old as dirt said...

Looks like you're gone back to "The Dead".
I know it's hard to get time to post, easier to make snide comments ;-)