Wednesday, February 28, 2007

After the storm.

I'm back. I've also changed a few things. First, no anonymous comments. To comment, you have to register with Blogger, which is connected to Google, so it syncs up with you're Gmail pretty easily. Google totally runs the world, at least the time wasting internet world.

Who am I? A few people know by now. Probably more than a few. I've dropped a few hints along the way. I'll let you dangle for a bit, before I just come out and say it. In my opinion, it's not so much who writes what, but that they are available to thoughtfully explain why they wrote it. I'll try and respond to any and all questions, use the e-mail link. You'll all figure it out soon enough anyways. And then everyone will say "who's that?"

Jack Frost
Man, that must have been an uncomfortable half-hour on the bike. Seth (CMG) won, I guess this puts the target square on his back going into Banana Belt month. Times were, historically speaking, pretty slow. Weather may have been a factor.

Seth crushed 'em though, almost 1:30 faster than Chris Swan (Cycles Gladiator) and Michael Gallagher (Bobs Bikes). Pro's were there. You can't judge much from an OBRA TT in February for those guys, but I bet their bikes were sweet. Did Hartley have a BMC TT rig? If anyone has pics, I'll throw 'em up and give mad-props.

This weekend, the only races that matter. Riding circles around Hagg Lake until we can't bring ourselves anywhere near Forest Grove for the rest of the year.

Who's gonna win? CMG's super strong, Zach, DR and Seth look to be the factors. I have a hard time believing the winning break will not include one of them. Will Rubicon have more numbers? Can a break like Peter won from last year win again (two riders with noooo teammates off the front for 2+ laps.)? Will HB show some life? Will Bob's Bikes show up? Will old guys win EVERY SINGLE race, like last year? Oh, the drama.

Dark Horse: Steve Wright (Bike Gallery), he was an old school pro (L.A. Sherriffs days) he's super strong. I don't think he even trains, but he can straight up ride.

Be nice.


Old as dirt said...

Everybody has suddenly gone quiet??

Have a great race this Sunday, I hope to bring "The Cash Register" down for BB #3!!

Jeff Fuchs said...

What until Monday. I'm sure there will be plenty to talk about after BB #1.