Thursday, February 22, 2007

A little bit of this....

So Bridgetown Velo is a new team to the Portland area. Kissler's Cyclery in Beaverton is their homebase. They're mostly a 3 team, with some 4's, and a growing women's team. Apparently Jacob Hill might be starting the 1/2 Team if he keeps doing what he did last weekend. Sound like a nice bunch of guys.

Bob's is loaded. Not only did they adopt the Valley guys in Olympia, they've got the likes of Matt Weyen and Mark Santurbane. Matt is the only guy that could stay with McKissick on the final climb of Elkhorn last year. If his engine was in a 160 lb. frame instead of 185 he would totally be a pro. He is a monster and he can ride himself into an ambulance. They've also got Mark Santurbane. He finished 3rd overall at Elkhorn and rode strongly at the Tour of Utah as a guest rider for Broadmark. As far as I an tell they used to be the ICE team and are based in Boise. Soon they will have better kits.

If First Rate Mortgage is focusing more on Oregon, watch out. Kenny "The Cash Register" Williams doesn't lose too many sprints. Those rainbow stripes are UCI certified. Mick Walsh is another fast old guy.

Omer paid for his sweet breakaway and DNF'd Stage 3 of ToC. If you've got to go down, go down fighting. Got Priority health some TV time. Basic cable, baby. Prime Time.

AO has been in the break the last two days to no avail. T-Mobile really wants Ciolek to win a stage. That guy is a beast

I don't plan on moderating the comments sections, but try and keep it a little civil. Give Norrene and Rubicon a break. Her riders were not involved in any incidents during the race and she was dragged into this unfairly. Teams are responsible for riders wearing their jersey in a race, simple as that. Who the rider used to race for, ride with or hang out with is completely besides the point.


Anonymous said...

Excuse me? I usually don't comment on things but I need to set the record straight here.

1. You yourself just mention in the sentence prior to slamming Rubicon - "I don't plan on moderating the comments sections, but try and keep it a little civil." Surely you yourself will stick to your own rules when writing your own blog opinions.

2. I was not at the race and therefore did not see what happened. IF Steven Beardsley did something wrong, and again I will point out I was not at the race and I'm only going on hearsay here, then surely you must have noticed that he's not in Orange this year but in CMG colors so really you should direct your comments that way.

As far as your comments directed at the team "Rubicon race tactics suck" I take personal offense to that. Can you give me examples to support your opinion, that way I can correct any wrongdoing or poor rider conduct that any of my guys may have done. Here is my email address,, I look forward to hearing your response so we can take care of this matter.

Norrene Godfrey

Old as dirt said...

I'm old as dirt, and getting slower by the minute ;-)

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering if this guy has ever pinned a number to his back. ?

Anonymous said...

Okay fair enough, I understand this is your opinion.

However I can not correct the situation if you do not tell me which race(s) you rode in whereas you say my riders rode dangerously.

Please tell me which race your are stating where we "conjures up some memories of guys in orange causing wrecks"

I need examples so I can correct this situation.


Anonymous said...

Rubicon riders have a bad reputation in the peloton. This is a fact, although whether it's justified is certainly open to debate. Specifically, they're regarded as being dangerous, inconsiderate, posessed of a sense of entitlement, unaware, and generally ill-mannered in the peloton, an opinion that is widespread throughout most other teams/riders.

Anonymous said...

Alright, well here's your chance to envoke change.

If what you tell me "Rubicon riders have a bad reputation in the peloton. This is a fact, although whether it's justified is certainly open to debate."

I'm online, give me examples so I can envoke change, without examples, how can I change something? Every team has flaws, however I'm offering up to make changes to correct bad behavor, dangrous riding and other wrongdoings.

And again, I understand this is an open form and if you have a opinions and suggestions that you do not want the whole world to see, then I invite you to email me direct at,

Again, if you truely want me to change things, then email me examples of wrongdoing and I will correct the situation.


Anonymous said...

Rubicon's attitude doesn't just extend to race tactics and peloton demeanour. I've dealt with some of these guys outside the peloton at general gatherings, and the same prevailing ill-mannerisms exist there too, off the bike.

Someone should remind a handfull of these guys they're still only amateur bike racers and if they haven't broke national ranks by now, will most likely always be such.

Spelling B said...

Invoke, not envoke.

Anonymous said...

Yep, I do have a problem spelling and I also have a problem with grammer. That's why I draw for a living.


Russell said...

Oh, come on now. You guys are giving Rubicon way too hard of a time. I'm based in Seattle, so I don't see Rubicon every weekend or weekday like the rest of the OBRA teams, so I might be mistaken. BUT, I've never had any problems with the Rubicon folks. Yeah, the young Kiwi's ride aggressively and this might scare some folks who are squeezing in a weekday race into their 60 hour/week full time job. And yeah, they have a good time off-the-bike. But they're young and from new Zealand and this seems to be the status quo for the kids on Rubicon but also the Kiwi's on other teams I have met (go hang out with the Kiwi's on Jelly-Belly or Navigators and you'll see). Rubicon does provide a good opportunity for these kids to come to the states and get increased exposure to racing, and a good life experience for the kids to go to a new country. Maybe some will move on to pro cycling careers, maybe some won't. Who cares? As long as they have fun and meet their goals. Maybe some will act like "pro's" at local PIR races. But there are plenty of people doing that in addition to the Rubicon kids, right? Their program is organized well by Norreen and they have a lot of fun. I, and my team, don't feel in danger by them at any of the races we attend. They also provide good support for US guys too, especially for the track program. Watch out for Dan Harm on the tack this year. He'll be collecting numerous national titles for them. We've had two riders come to our program from Rubicon; Soloman and Curry. We are very happy with both of them. Solomon is a classy kid and we couldn't be happier with him. Curry is a very savvy racer and super-talent (whether or not he fully uses this is yet to be determined). He absolutely knows tactics, and yes, he came from the Rubicon program. Anyway, I would lighten up on the Rubicon folks. From my perspective, they bring a good fun group of guys to the races. Norrene, keep up the good work.

Who's blog is this, anyway?

Hagens-Berman Cycling

Anonymous said...

Alright we are finally getting somewhere now.

I appreciate your comments JZA, so here is what we are really dealing with "Ultimately it comes down to peloton etiquette".

Granted there are a lot of people who do not understand or disregard peloton etiquette as I myself do race in the men’s 1&2 races from time to time and often times find myself defending my space, because I really don’t want to crash and break something. I’m getting older everyday, but if you ask me how old I am I will lie to your face and tell you I’m still 29.

So when Rubicon is being called out for being “dangerous or selfish riding” I also would add to it as you yourself have just stated JZA our “young guys lack experience”. Keep in mind, most of our guys are between the age of 18-21 and at that age they do lack experience and that is what we are trying to teach these guys. Experience in racing, experience in conducting themselves professionally and experience in life. Now this is not an excuse for being stupid and rude to people and I have in the past punished my riders for this behavior and will continue to do so in the future. However, I am not always around to see my riders do something stupid or rude and this is where other people need to inform David or I of issues that have happened.

Now to address the point of “It's more based on racing courtesy such as Rubicon riders forcing their way into a paceline when room hasn't opened up, cutting off riders and cornering dangerously, forcing their way through a pack to the wheel of teammates.” These guys are going to make mistakes because they’re young, however they are also going to learn from their mistakes just like everyone else who has made it to the 1 & 2 field. Hell, I’m still learning things and I have been racing for 21 years. But at the same time, just to call out negative comments without giving examples does nothing to correct the situation. You have listed specific callouts whereas David and I can address the above stated issues and “I”voke change.

Thank you for your time.


Anonymous said...

Damn, that spelling again! Yes there is also and "n" in Invoke. . . .Good thing I'm damn good at drawing!


David said...

"Someone should remind a handfull of these guys they're still only amateur bike racers and if they haven't broke national ranks by now, will most likely always be such" Now that is just mean. What if I'm not a pro at 19, I should just quit? no knows they are amatures more then they do!

Anonymous said...

You are more than welcome to tag along after or before PIR with the guys, you are also welcome to come on our Monday Night coffee rides, which these guys lead every Monday night from the Sandy Bike Gallerys. The more people learn about these young guys the more people will realise they're just that, young, full of life and are not afraid to take chances . . .They just don't know where that line in the sand is drawn until they cross it.


Brian Marcroft said...

For the record, JZA is not me, Brian Marcroft. Now go buy one of bikes.