Thursday, February 15, 2007

A good weekend.

Thanks for checking out my ramblings. My first weekend up got me over 800 hits, which is cool. Racing is starting this weekend so there should be (way) more gossip floating around. I would also like to feature some local bike businesses and their products. Veloforma is one on my list that I know nothing about but could be really cool. Upstart carbon fiber parts are way cool in my book, if anyone has a contact with them (it's Mark Duff's company, right?) I'd love to check out your shit.

I'd also love to profile some shops. Smaller ones have a special place in my heart (Veloshop, Cyclepath, Sellwood, Collin's). I want to make sure I give the props to the guys 'n gals keeping bike shops fresh rather than just offering full carbon stems even way more expensive than last year's.

Oh, yeah. I need a job. If you're a Portland based athletics company (Castelli, Nike, Adidas, etc.) holla! I'm young and work hard. I've also ot a thing for advertising (WK, Leopold Ketel, Euro RSCG, etc. etc. etc.).
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DT said...

jza said...

I mean actually touch the product. Maybe even use it.

Anonymous said...

I'm a big supporter of Sever Corner Cyles on 21st and Powell..Cory and Rick are great guys and have a growing, grass roots movement known to the cyclocross world as "Team Beer".

Also, if you're looking for a job, the BTA is now hiring for seasonal stuff..if you want something bike related..