Wednesday, May 02, 2007

A bit busy.

I've been moving this week and don't have a computer to sit down at and do a full report. I should be back up on it in a day or two.

Elken(Jittery Joe's) killed the Roubaix. Donald and Seth(CMG/Alpine Mortgage) followed him in. Sounds like a good race.

Big wreck at PIR last night, several guys went down HARD on the last turn of the first Hot Spot lap. Sounds like Mark Duff(Guinness) got the worst of it. Rubicon won, again.


d said...

Was there any racing in seattle this past weekend? I like getting up dates on the races from up north as well.

Brian said...

Mike Murdin has a good report on his blog from Sunday's Vance Creek RR in WA.
Ian Tubbs also did a great write up from a viewpoint a little closer to the front, so maybe if you're friendly to an HB racer they'll share it with you.

anklebiter said...

I thought you were a friendly HB racer?