Thursday, May 17, 2007

What the????

The craziest thing happened at PIR last night. A small group of riders decided that they could ride faster than the rest of the field and, I don't quite know how to say this, broke away from the main bunch. Well, this "breakaway" managed to last, like, the whole race. It lost a few guys and Steve Holland(Finnegan's Toys/Discover Chiropractic) managed to bridge up to it. But in the end, PIR did not come down to a Rubicon driven bunch sprint, because Rubicon is in Arkansas, more on that later.

Steven Beardsley(CMG/Alpine Mortgage) did best Chad Hartley(BMC) in the bunch sprint, so good for him. Zach Winter was back in action and looking pretty strong. Apparetnly he did not pay so his top-10 result will go unrecorded.

Question for OBRA: Why record the "not signed in" guys at all. Why not just ignore them completely, offer points to the top 10 or whatever riders that sign and pay, and not give the guys that don't pay the satisfaction of being the NSI 7th place guy? Here's some pics.

Joe Martin ended up being fairly kind to local boys. Chad Hartley took 5th in the final day's hilly crit, Dan Harm(Rubicon) ended up 16th on GC. Tri-Peaks is this weekend so hopefully those guys can keep the ball rollin'.

The TTT State Champ's were a week or two ago and the CMG/Alpine Mortgage guys led by Seth Hosmer took that one with half a minute to spare. Carson Miller(Fred Meyer/Lakeside), Jacob Rathe(BBC), and Ian Boswell(Hagens-Berman) took the Cat 3's no problem. How long 'till they're all in HB kits?

The racing is spread far and wide this weeekend Table Rock on Saturday, Swan Island and Golden City crits on Sunday. Yes, an OBRA race south of the border, what is this world coming to? Enumclaw is also happening this weekend in Washington, it's an omnium instead of a stage race this year.

You should be able to watch the Giro over at RAI, I can't seem to get it to work on my Mac, but I could on my girlfriend's PC and the video qualty was great. Most stages finish up about 8'ish, perfect for watching the last 40k before you're out the door to work (or a ride if you're lucky). I'm calling it now: Cunego, Cunego, Cunego!!!!

Did anyone catch that Simoni was bitchin' about his younger, fitter teammate (Ricco) this year before the race even started?

Aaron Olsen(T-Mobile) is again riding the best bike race in the world. Hopefully this year he carries that over into a Tour appearance instead of mopping the floor with us this July.


Guitar_Hero said...

And what do you get for out sprinting Chad Hartley for FOURTH place-NOTHING. I suppose if Chad had sat back, and complained that he too was too tired to pull, he could have all of a sudden got a second wind and out sprinted Beardsley for NOTHING place. Maybe next time Chad should skip the four hour ride before PIR so he can get that coveted fourth place finish.

Zach said...

First of all I did pay, with a huge bag of pennies, nickels, and dimes. I've been saving up all year to do PIR. I PEAKED perfectly for it and my top 10 is all I need to boast with for the rest of the season. EVERYONE out there tuesdays I could boast..... "If it weren't for that sucka, his best friend, and a few other plum smugglers I might have been able to PIPE the whole thing". But I'm not, in fact due to the dynamics of Tuesdays race I would only comment that PIR is the closest thing to a "REAL" race I've done in OREGON to my knowledge. I think we averaged something like 27.5 with Hartley screaming down the straight-a way's @ 40 towing EVERYONE. I just wish some of those teams wouldn't race so timidly and actually throw down some of their prowess instead of playing the scarred sheep tactic EVERY time.

As for my result, What did happen was that I didn't sign in. When I signed a waiver and gave them my booty, Nobody told me of any signing that needed to be done. And to my knowledge there isn't anything on the web sight pertaining to that little detail. SORRY its my first race on PIR so chill out and I'll sign in next time. Why does everyone have there shorts in such a tight wad anyways.

I can guarantee that Skerrit didn't get me at the line. But hey, I guess its cool to know I don't have any stock in OBRA-LAND.

And finally, anyone know the rule on how long a suspension can be in "pending" status. I checked the OBRA rule book and didn't see anything about that. Just asking because I don't want to spend all my time and money heading down south to race and get the last minute call (email) from Candi that I'm "OFFICIALLY" SUSPENDED. Oh yeah, I'm being held accountable for some race fees that CMG took care of back in March and early April before I was given the boot. I'm being Asked to give them back. Its only $100 but....I thought that this might be worth going into the ring over. The ring being OBRA rule's and regs. All in all I just would like to get a better understanding of what ICE I seem to always be walking on.

Ps.. I'm not a Scientologist. And I don't hate BUTCH or CMG. Just thought I would answer that for the 100th time. Sorry for the long message. CYA all out there.... I hope. ZJW

Saddle Museum said...

I hear the Yreka Crit will be shelling out like 40 grand in prime money, probably proceeds from the local plum smuggling trade out in the Klamath mountains, the Trinities, etc.

d said...

I still say good job to Super Stevo! Chad can do a solo RAAM race and still outspring me after sitting on the last 10 miles.

Candi Murray said...

168 people managed to sign in at PIR. Many of them first timers. Take a little responsibility. How are the officials suppose to know who you are if you are not on the registration sheets? Anyone that regularly races PIR will tell you that if you are not registration, you are not wearing a number, your number is on the wrong side, or if it is just placed where it cannot be read by the camera, you do not get placed. Period.
Skerrit did not get you at the line, he had 7 hot spot points. If you are going to complain about the finish then figure out what the format is first. It's a points race.
If you had been suspended you would have been notifed already.
geesh why do you have to make it so hard?

D$ said...

All talent, no brains..