Thursday, May 24, 2007


So there aren't any NRC races on the calendar this weekend, and several of Oregon's fastest are back home before Hood, which means that this weekend's Silverton RR field will be STACKED. I'm just guessing here, but wouldn't be surprised to see Doug(HealthNet/Maxxis), Evan(Jittery Joe's), Hartley(BMC), Omer Kem(Priority Health/Bissell), Andy Fischer(Hagens-Berman) as well as Kenny Williams(First Rate Mortgage), Donald and the CMG/Alpine Mortgage crew, and Team Rubicon fresh out of the Tri-Peaks leader's jersey.

Zach Winter ended up taking the win in the Golden City crit, making him 2-for-2 last weekend. Watch out for the Captol Subaru jersey on Sunday.

John Leonard(Casa Bruno) won PIR, neither of the top-3 were Rubicon or BMC, wow.

King of the Mountain starts next Wednesday, that's right, the Mt. Tabor series. Bring it!!!!!

Not much to talk about this week, next will be busy Hood, Tabor, PIR, Philly Week. Locals should be at all of them.

Giro hasn't shown much yet. Aaron Olsen has been putting his time in at the business end of the peloton, defending the Maglia Rosa with a 6 man team (OUCH!!!!). I'm pretty sure that'e him sitting on Pinotti's wheel.

Here's my viewing guide/predictions:
Salvodelli wins tomorrow(Stage 12).

DiLuca will fade (that's a guarantee).

Cunego will only get stronger.

Simoni will do more ballin' than winnin'. He's a baller.

The Dark Horses: Ricco(Saunier Duval), Simoni already called him the team leader in a bit of pre-race gamesmanship; Andy Schleck(CSC)on the podium?; how well will Salvodelli climb?.


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Matt Brandt said...

Wow I'm glad I was the only rubicon rider in the race. Wow I'm glad I sat in the whole race and waited for the final points sprint in a training race. Wow wait no I was attacking the whole race. Wow dude I'm glad I won enough hot spot sprints to still make the 4th place spot. Wow Sorry I didn't win the tie I was in for 3rd.

Matt "the K-town motor"

norrene said...

Big shout out to John Leonard, I was out there watching PIR and it was a really great race, about every other couple of laps it was a different group of riders trying to get off the front, followed by a different set of riders chasing it down. It was actually really exciting to watch - I think that was Omer's first race home since December so it was good to see him home for once.

Matt was the only Rubicon guy out there as everyone else on the team was home sick. True story. Everyone on the team has come down with some kind of cold, so don't expect us at Sunday's race either.

Sorry don't mean to disappoint . . .but even the Orange guys need time off too. =0) We will be back at Hood . . .and if you want, I'm throwing this out there, I need some help in the caravan, you want to do a race report from our team vehicle for one of the road stages? Might be fun to report on all the monkey business that goes on in the caravan.

And for Aaron Olsen . . . GOOOOOO OLY!


Omer Kem said...

Yes, it's true. I got home last Monday for the first time since December 1st. I won't be at Silverton, it's too close to the start of Hood....

K-Man said...

Dunno if Zach is going to do Silverton. I advised him not to as he's doing Mt. Hood.

Saddle Museum said...

Yeah, I won't do Silverton because it's too close to the start of my walk to the post office next Thursday, say the pro cyclists coming off like nne stage races in a row.