Tuesday, May 29, 2007


As everyone has probably heard by now, most of the Silverton were cancelled due to a pretty gnarly crash in the Men 4/5 race. Talk was that up to 20 guys hit the deck, several were hauled away on stretchers. Ryan McKnab got the worst of it and suffered some extremely serious head trauma. Updates on his condition can be found here. Best wishes to Ryan during his recovery and his family and friends through this difficult time.

I'm sure that there will be alll sorts of solutions to the crash problem discussed, but the reality is that bike racing is dangerous, there's no way around it. OBRA does an amazing job giving us as safe an environment as possible to get our race on. As amateur racers, we need to make sure we err on the side of caution.

On to the riding,

The Mt. Hood classic started tonight. Here's the prologue results.

Two teams got more than one rider in the top-10 Navigators and Team Rubicon (Harm and Tuckerman).

Glossy-media type Mt. Hood previews:
Daily Peloton

K-man has lists upon lists of nothwest participants.

The weather forecast looks pretty good, guess we won't be seeing Decker sportin' his rain gear. (Pic by NWeventphotography.com)

There's been plenty of talk about doping with the big boys. I'd rather the clean guys that were racing in the late '90's just stand up. That'll be way less press conferences to keep track of.

All this doping talk is overshadowing a pretty great Giro. Simoni attacking DiLuca through tthe streets of Bergamo was CLASSIC!!! Tomorrow is the Zoncolan. Watch it here, en vivo. Race ends about 8:15(usually). Cunego's gonna kill it.

Chad Hartley(BMC) has joined the chattering class.

Mt. Tabor tomorrow, better go fast, everyone's watching!!!!!!

I'll try and stay current with Hood.

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